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A "Total Seasoning" Mix - Asheville, North Carolina

For your frying needs, you can trust Patton's Pride, featuring Bearden Farms Breading Mix bases in Asheville North Carolina, to deliver the best flavor and price. We take pride in the fact that customers have taken the time to give us positive feedback about our breading mix.

Below is a chart outlining the different quantities of breading available and their prices. ** Resident businesses must use the prices listed for Residential Delivery. Subject to an address correction delivery fee if ordered incorrectly. Not responsible for an incorrect physical address you type on the order page. Please double check your address before submitting your order.

Case Prices
Instructions for breading application

For meat, you simply "wet it and bread it" to add a mouthwatering, lightly breaded, seasoned taste. If you are frying vegetables & shrimp, we suggest running them through an egg and buttermilk wash prior to adding the breading mix. This is a great way to add flavor to:

Zucchini • Squash Okra • Sweet Potatoes • Cauliflower
Green Tomatoes • Eggplant and MORE!

* NOTE:- Most single case orders are shipped and delivered in four working days. The 200 lbs. (plus) orders will take about 15 business days for shipping. Covid-19 has made for extended delivery times!

These are delivered prices, however Pacific, Mt., Hawaii and Alaska Zones have an extended shipping price for 25 lb cases and larger quantities. Determined at checkout.


Residential Deliveries

Commercial Deliveries

(12x10) 10 OZ. Packs

Master Case (6 Cases of 12x10)

5x5 (5 bags with 5 lbs. in each bag)

8 Cases of 5x5 (200 lbs. total)

(12x10) Gluten Free & No-MSG

Gluten Free & No-MSG (Master Case)














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