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Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday, 9:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. EST. | Proudly Serving the Continental US and Hawaii. We Support St. Labre Indian Catholic High School in MT, the Children's Leukemia Fund, St. Jude's, Autoimmune Disease Association, Baylor School, and Healing Waters Program

Patton's Pride featuring Bearden Farms Breading Mix based in Asheville NC
Our Original "Total Seasoning" Bearden Farms Breading Mix

There is a reason that we market our product as a "total seasoning". You can use our mix for chicken, pork, vegetable, fish breading, etc. A shore lunch using our seasoning for your fish fry is sure to please.
Prices will vary slightly depending on whether your address is commercial or residential, but shipping is always free. There will be an additional charge to delivery locations on the West coast. Please understand, we have to pass the additional cost to the customer. If you work out of your residence, you'll have to order from the Residential Delivery page.
Currently we ship the small case of Bearden Farms & Patton's Pride- Gluten Free, (12x10) by USPS and all other seasoning case sizes of breading mix by UPS. We are making a great effort to establish ourselves with the leaders in the Gluten Free marketers. All product has a two year shelf life. Keep out of direct light and under 83*F.To ask questions about our company or products,simply click contact us.

Based in Asheville North Carolina, Patton's Pride, featuring Bearden Farms Breading Mix, will never let your fish fry be ordinary. Spice up your dinner with our seasoned corn meal, corn flour based breading mix. Marketed as a "TOTAL SEASONING", our breading mix is extremely versatile. One may fry, bake, and grill using our seasoning mix. Quality ingredients, providing a savory tasting seasoning, with just the right amount of heat, that has earned us quite the following of dedicated customers. Just wait until you find out what you've been missing! Patton's Pride is proud to provide you with our award winning fish fry seasoning, "Bearden Farms". Try a shore lunch using our breading mix today.To view our testimonials please click testimonial button.

Through out the year Patton's Pride does food shows. The week end beginning 9-24-2020 we will be doing a virtual food show with Nourished Group. Our direct booth can be found here. The home page for this show can be found here.

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